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Alleged Tether (USDT) ‘shadow banker’ set for 2022 trial

Reggie Fowler, a former NFL staff proprietor and the suspected “shadow banker” concerned within the Tether and Bitfinex saga, will lastly have his day in courtroom as his trial is scheduled for early 2022. In response to newly launched info, Fowler is accused of laundering cash for Colombian drug cartels, alongside offering unlicensed monetary providers […]Read More


Frances Coppola: Stablecoins Depend on Shadow Banking

We regularly discuss central banks creating fiat cash. Actually, most fiat cash just isn’t created by central banks however by business banks. Moreover, not all the banks that create and maintain fiat cash are regulated banks. Many are what we all know as “shadow banks.” Within the cryptocurrency community, there’s a entire shadow banking business […]Read More