Single-asset value indexes

Index Title Asset Ticker Ticker
<a href=/indexes/xbx/>CoinDesk Bitcoin Value Index</a> BTC XBX
<a href=/indexes/etx/>CoinDesk Ether Value Index</a> ETH ETX
<a href=/indexes/btx/>CoinDesk Primary Consideration Token Value Index</a> BAT BTX
<a href=/indexes/bcx/>CoinDesk Bitcoin Money Value Index</a> BCH BCX
<a href=/indexes/eosx/>CoinDesk EOS Value Index</a>” EOS EOSX
<a href=/indexes/ecx/>CoinDesk Ether Traditional Value Index</a> ETC ECX
<a href=/indexes/lnx/>CoinDesk Chainlink Value Index</a> LINK LNX
<a href=/indexes/ltx/>CoinDesk Litecoin Value Index</a> LTC LTX
<a href=/indexes/xlmx/>CoinDesk Lumens Value Index</a> XLM XLMX
<a href=/indexes/zcx/>CoinDesk Zcash Value Index</a> ZEC ZCX

Multi-asset indexes

Index Title Ticker
<a href=/indexes/dlcx/>CoinDesk’s Massive Cap Index</a> DLCX
<a href=/indexes/dfx/>CoinDesk DeFi Index</a> DFX

* These indexes are merchandise for monetary establishments, and are separate from the costs that CoinDesk publishes on

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